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How to Stay Safe on a Call

How to Stay Safe on a Call

Traveling To and From

-Be sure dispatch knows where you are picking a vehicle up and where you are transporting it to.

-Have a planned route and stick to it.  Do not proceed if something appears to be wrong or odd.

-Make sure that you are focused, awake and alert.  Be aware of hazards while driving and avoid being in others blind spots.

-Follow the speed limit and all posted road signs.

Being Safe on Scene

-Arrive with your emergency lights already on, leave them on for the duration of the recovery.

-Put on your ANSI certified protection equipment and check your surroundings for safety BEFORE exiting the vehicle to being the recovery.

-To prevent falling from the cab use your running boards and handrails to help you step out.  Use this same technique when climbing in and out of the bed of the truck.

-Establish a safe zone to work within so that proper loading can be accomplished.

-When loading a vehicle be alert.  Watch your back for oncoming cars or other hazards.  If at all possible load from the side of the vehicle furthest away from the flow of traffic.


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