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For one year per employee for companies that have 10 or more employees.


For one year per employee for companies with 5-9 employees.

TowSafe is brought to you by Tow Times to teach towing and recovery professionals workplace safety whether they are on the roadside, in the office or in the shop.

TowSafe is easy to incorporate into your company’s safety approach – and economical too.

What you get

A one-year (12 issues) subscription to Tow Times for every person you enroll. Enrolled employees do not have to be drivers. Enrollees can be dispatchers, part-time drivers, mechanics, owner - anyone you choose.

A quarterly test (with answer key) based on the previous three months of Tow Times’ safety columns.

A quarterly 18 x 24-inch safety poster to display in your break-room, office, dispatch area or shop – anywhere employees congregate – to engage workers and help your company meet OSHA and insurance requirements.

Certificate of Achievement for enrollees who complete and pass four quarters’ (one year) worth of classes and tests.

History of TowSafe

Tow Times launched TowSafe in 2006 to make it easier for towing company owners and managers to conduct safety meetings for their employees.

Many towing company owners indicated they were interested in starting a towing-specific safety program but didn’t have the time or direction to begin.

TowSafe makes it easy and economical for towing companies to conduct safety meetings, which have been proven to help reduce workplace injuries and accidents,while also improvingworkplace culture and productivity, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The injury or loss of a worker can have a devastating effect on your company’s morale and bottom line. A company that puts safety first protects its employees, business and investment.